Links are really important for use to find content initially. So it’s like if nobody links to your website ever then we’re going to have a hard time recognizing that it even exists. (John Muller, Google)

Yes, landing pages and bio links are some of the basics of my link-building tutorial. They will give their link power to your domains and profiles. Today we will use for our SEO. Just like the big brothers,,, and I’ve already shown you before, it’s really easy to create a page and publish it. And it is at least another free high-quality backlink pointing at your content.

screenshot homepage

Create a free account at

screenshot sign up

First of all sign up for free here: After that you have to confirm your email address by clicking the link in the mail they’ve sent you. Your account is now activated and ready to go… but you can change the look and feel of it if you like!

screenshot settings appearance

Once you are in you are free to change the name and design of your landing page the way you want it. Some options are only for paid PRO accounts, but the free version is enough for our purpose.

screenshot settings appearance theme

As you can see there are already a lot of free possibilities for a unique appearance of your social bio link in color…

screenshot settings appearance font style

…and in Font Style. Choose whatever you like or not, it does not affect the backlinks we gonna create now!

Create free dofollow backlinks at

screenshot create free dofollow backlinks

Now it’s time to publish your first free dofollow backlink at the rider LINK. That is very easy and well explained as you can see on this screenshot.

screenshot create free dofollow backlinks social

At the rider SOCIAL, you can publish different kinds of social links with an icon, as there is,, Patreon,,,, or telegram.

screenshot create free dofollow backlinks social icon

Do yourself the favor and change the option SHOW AS… from BUTTON to ICON – that looks much better and has also no effect on the backlink.

screenshot backlinkguide social link

And that is how it looks like – in my case it’s, of course… 😉

Don’t forget to share your newly created backlink!

Like always you have to share and publish this new link to get it indexed as fast as possible. I’ve already shared it on this page, on,,,,,,,, and telegram as shown in the last articles. All other already existing Social Media Channels with outgoing dofollow links will also be very helpful. But in my link-building tutorial, I will soon show you a lot more free landing pages and profiles where you can publish them with a lot more link juice. This URL should be indexed very fast at Google and ahrefs.

Check your link building success with the Google Search Console

Don’t forget to check your link-building success from time to time. You can use the Google Search Console to see which domains already give you a fully working backlink if you don’t have a paid tool at ahrefs, XOVI, MOZ, Sistrix, or Searchmetrics. More about that topic here:

And that is the link to the Google Search Console: – get an account, it’s for free! And you need to control your backlinks. In case you wonder: The link list in the Google Search Console will be updated only once a week. So please stay patient… good SEO needs some time!

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline.
I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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