For people to discover your website, you need to build pathways and big, flashing signs that lead them there. In digital marketing terms, this means you need links, links and more links. (Luisito Batongbakal)

Exactly that’s the way link building works: Creating big flashing neon signs to your website or blog to boost your SEO. With landing pages like already seen on, and linktree your possibilities are almost unlimited. Taplink offers you another great place to get high-quality free dofollow backlinks. So come on, get one! 

Before you start with this tutorial please note: You will need an Instagram account to get the full link power of Taplink! If you don’t have one you can sign up there for free with the Instagram app within only two minutes.

screenshot homepage

Create a free account at for

screenshot sign up

First of all, sign up for free at with your e-mail-address.

screenshot sign up create password

Create a save password using your Google Chrome Browser and click continue. There will be no verification mail, just a welcome mail from a guy named Konstantin.

screenshot choose template bio link

Now choose BIO LINK on the upper left side and search for a fitting template with a design that you prefer.

screenshot template choosing

Once chosen a design you have to confirm it. Don’t worry, you can edit this later.

screenshot modify page

After that taplink will show you exactly what you have to do to create a cool landing page. Put in some details like the (brand) name and a small description, upload a picture or logo. You can add blocks, drag and drop them, but also delete some if you don’t need them. Customize and design this landing page your way. Now click on one of the existing blocks to edit it…

Create unlimited free dofollow backlinks at

screenshot create backlinks taplink cc at

Insert the Link Text / Anchor Text you want, use a subtitle if you need to, and insert a website or blog of your choice.

screenshot create backlink icon

In the basic / free version of Taplink, you can’t use the social media section, but you can put in as many links you like and choose from a huge database of icons by clicking on THUMBNAIL. But that’s not necessary for a good backlink, just nice to have. After you click SAVE CHANGES everything should be saved, but the project isn’t published by now.

screenshot publish page

Once you finished clicking on PUBLISH on the upper right side. You can change everything every time you’d like.

screenshot publish page connect instagram

If you want to get the full link power of the preferred high-quality domain you need an Instagram account. Connect this profile to Taplink and here we go…

screenshot publishing the page

Now copy your brand new link and share it!

In my case it is

screenshot bio link landing page backlinkguide

Looks great and gives you a hundred percent high-quality free dofollow backlinks for your website, blog, and social media channels. So use it!

Don’t forget to share your new backlink!

Like always you have to share and publish this new link to get it indexed quickly. I’ve already shared it on this page, on,,,, and telegram as shown in the last articles. All other already existing Social Media Channels with outgoing dofollow links will also be helpful. But in the next chapter of my link-building tutorial, I will soon show you a lot more free landing pages and profiles where you can publish them with a lot more link juice. It should get indexed very quickly.

Check your link building success with the Google Search Console

Don’t forget to check your link-building success from time to time. You can use the Google Search Console to see which domains already give you a fully working backlink if you don’t have a paid tool at ahrefs, XOVI, MOZ, Sistrix, or Searchmetrics. More about that here:

And that is the link to the Google Search Console: – get an account, it’s for free! And you need to control your backlinks. In case you wonder: The link list in the Google Search Console will be updated only once a week.

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline.
I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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