Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. (Wendy Piersall)

Some free high-quality dofollow backlinks from a social bookmarking website like AllMyFaves may help you in this case… 😉

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This third source for good free dofollow backlinks from my link building strategy tutorial is another pretty cool social bookmark page named – the Ultimate Homepage. Right now it has already a ahrefs DR 70 and will help you on your way to create backlinks step by step for your successful SEO. Once indexed at Google AllMyFaves is a really good an quick little helper. And trust me when I say this one is gonna be easy and so effective…

Screenshot sign up join

  2. Choose the preferred username, it will also be the name of your page
  3. Click through the following screens without choosing anything to get an empty sheet
  4. You’re ultimate homepage is already ready to go!

Screenshot The Ultimate Homepage of Backlinkguide Bookmark

Create dofollow backlinks with

You can now start to create backlinks either by clicking the EDIT Button or just on one of the empty fields. If you move the mouse over it + Add Faves will appear.

Screenshot create free dofollow backlink add / edit cell

Put in the URL and optional the title by using relvant keywords. Hit SUBMIT and the link is online. If the submitted link already has an icon or logo will show it. If not it will be created automatically after a few days.

Screenshot create new tabs

Also you may open new tabs with the green plus (+), which is a good way to sort the flood of free dofollow backlinks you will get in this link building tutorial.

Other features of

If you like to bookmark links by using a browser extension, then go to your dashboard in the upper right corner and add the FAVE IT BUTTON by “Drag this Button to your Bookmarks Bar”. You can export bookmarks in the dashboard under settings, if you like to. Screenshot Ultimate homepage Backlinkguide

Share your new backlink

Copy this new link – in my case it’s Now you should bookmark it also in your browser, because you will need it every single day you are going to build links.

Of course you also have to publish this link to get indexed. I’ll share it on this page, on and, as already shown in my last articles. Already existing Social Media Channels will also be great for sharing this link.  But in this tutorial a lot of websites where you can publish links like these effectful will follow.

In case you wonder or using a professional SEO tool like ahrefs: After a while Google will also index the mobile version of this page.

Please note: Of course all these free backlink sources have to earn some money for their services, so some of them using banner ads. But this should not disturb you, as the SPAM Score of these pages is very low. All of them really help you to get the backlinks indexed quick and gain reputation.

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline. I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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Disclaimer: The cool picture in the header is from d3images at under a Creative Commons License. All the other pictures are screenshots from the website

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