The beginning is the most important part of the work. (Plato<(cite>)

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This first free dofollow backlinks you will get from my link building strategy tutorial is from a smaller social bookmark page named At this point of time it has only a ahrefs DR 52, but that’s exactly what we need to build it up step by step for your SEO.

Screenshot social bookmark

  1. Sign up for free here:
  2. Here you can SIGN UP FOR FREE with Google, Facebook or a e-mail-address. (By the way: I will always prefer a registration with e-mail, because I don’t want to give permissions on my other accounts to someone I don’t know.)
  3. In the meanwhile you will receive a confirmation mail . Please confirm your e-mail-address!
  4. Select the option BOOKMARK on the next screen
  5. Enter a name of your personal choice for your collection and select the template BOOKMARKS
  6. Skip the next step and go directly to your collection

Screenshot backlinks social bookmarking

From this screen you can see how it all works. There are helpful links to a tutorial and how to publish a collection.

Now create a backlink with ADD ITEM

On the upper right corner you will find a plus (+). Just hit the button and publish your first link with ADD ITEM.

Screenshot add item create backlinks will get the Title and Description automatically, but you can change it to whatever you want. The tags in the last line you have to fill out yourself. Now click ADD and after a few seconds your first free dofollow backlink is saved.

But it is not online right now…

Edit your User Settings to make your links visible

Click on the right upper side on your dashboard, open the menu and click SETTINGS.

Screenshot User Settings

Fill out whatever you want, I recommend at least the name, a tag line and the Website, because it is another dofollow backlink.

Now change to the Menu COLLECTION SETTINGS on the left side.

Screenshot Collection Settings

Hit the Button Edit in the line of your Web Research Collection, because we need to make our bookmarks visible for everyone and the search engine bots.

Screenshot Collection Settings Edit Collection

Click once again the EDIT BUTTON at the line with SHARE LINK and select the option ANYONE WITH LINK.

Screenshot Share Link

That is the only way to get your new free backlinks indexed by search engines. Now you should bookmark it in your browser, because you will need it every single day you are going to build links.

Share your free backlinks

Copy this new, cryptic link – in my case it’s Of course you have to publish this link to get indexed, I’ll share it on this page. Already existing Social Media Channels will also be great.  But in this tutorial a lot of websites where you can and should publish this link will follow.

Screenshot social bookmarks

Now feel free to bookmark whatever you need at It may take some days, but the URL should get indexed very soon by Google. You already have a bunch of bookmarked links? Then you can simply import bookmarks in the settings menu of

SEO-Pro-Tipp for the Google Search Index: If you can’t wait for it, just use the following Google site where you can put in your URL. It may help you getting indexed faster: 😉

Preview of the next chapter to come…

Five Social Bookmarking services as first step of your successful link building strategy. Second one: Free DoFollow Backlinks from – stay tuned!

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline. I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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Disclaimer: The cool picture in the header is from d3images at under a Creative Commons License. All the other pictures are screenshots from the website

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