Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming. (Richard Branson)

Today we take the express bus to success with some very, very special backlinks! Come with me on this link-building trip and strengthen your SEO with a fantastic backlink opportunity directly from Google! Present your blog or website with Google MY BUSINESS and get free high-quality dofollow backlinks from the high-rated domain by using the additional free mini-site. Another benefit when you add your business to Google is, that you will also be seen on Google Maps.

In my opinion, this entry in Google’s local listing is mandatory for a really good search engine optimization – keyword local SEO.

What is local SEO and how does it work? Local SEO is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on Google. Any business that has a physical location or serves a geographic area can benefit from local SEO.

That’s why I will show you the whole registration process in every detail. It will take some time to get your small website here, but it’s worth all the work!

screenshot google search backlinkguide my

This is what an entry at Google My Business will look like in the search results when someone is looking for your brand name. Even the rating from will be displayed, also the last updates you’ve published on the small website you can get there for free. But how can you get this? Let me show you this already well-known SEO secret

Create a free account at Google my

As you already should have an account for the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or any other Google Service you don’t need to sign up now, just open this link:

screenshot get your business on Google

The Google Business Profile Manager will open. Either you already have an entry you need to claim or you add your business to Google.

screenshot my business profile already claimed google

Requesting Access to an Existing Business Profile? If someone has already created a profile for your business please don’t worry. Just request to manage the profile and it will be handed over to you. Simply click Request Access and you will be guided through the process.

screenshot create profile google my

If you’re creating a new profile, then the next step is to add the business name and category. Use your official business name and don’t add any keywords to the name as this violates Google’s guidelines.

Choose the category that most closely matches the business. You’ll have the option to edit this later and you can also add additional categories, so don’t worry if you’re not completely sure what to select right now.

screenshot google my business registration physical location

If your business has a physical location that customers can visit, like a shop or a restaurant, then you will need to share this. If this is the case, then select YES and click NEXT.

If the business only operates online, or has a physical location but doesn’t receive customers in person, then select NO instead.

Please note: Don’t lie about the business and a physical location just to manipulate local rankings. Your local listing may get suspended or removed completely soon for violating the guidelines.

screenshot address google my

If your business has a physical location, then you can now provide the address. (You might be asked to position a pin on a map to confirm the location.) It’s very important that the address you give is correct and complete to prevent any issues with the whole verification process.

screenshot deliveries home visits google my

If this is a service-area business, or if the business delivers items to customers at home, then select YES on the next step.

screenshot add areas business serves google my

If you select YES then you will need to enter the areas that the business serves or delivers to. You will be able to come back any time later and edit this information or add new locations any time the business expands.

screenshot add contact info google my

Now you have to add the contact details. You’ll need to enter the phone number, and you also have the option to add the business website. This will only be a nofollow backlink, but it will appear on the Google search results (SERPS) and bring you traffic.

As an agency doing this for a client, you’ll need to enter the client’s contact details, not your own. It’s a good idea to communicate clearly to your client that they’ll be contacted by Google for the verification process, which I will explore shortly.

screenshot stay in the know top tips newsletter google my

Stay in the Know. Before you verify the business, you will be asked if you would like to receive helpful tips and recommendations from Google. Even if there is no obligation, you might find it interesting to receive this regular newsletter.

screenshot choose way to verify google my

In the final step, you will be asked to choose a verification method to prove the business is operating at the specified address. Receiving a postcard by mail to the business address is the most common route for this verification, but you might also have the option to do so via phone or email.

Note: You can continue to edit and update the Google my Business profile (GBP) while the verification is pending, but the profile won’t be visible on Google at this time.

Postcard verification is available to all businesses. A postcard will be sent to the business address and will usually arrive within five days. The postcard will contain a code that must be entered into the appropriate place within the Google my Business account. If you don’t receive the postcard, then you can request a replacement.

Some businesses will be able to verify their accounts by phone verification, but this option isn’t available to everyone. If you are eligible, then you’ll see this option on the verification page. If you decide to use this method, then you will receive a code via an automated phone call.

The email verification alternative isn’t available to everyone, also. If you have the option to verify by email, then you can request a code to your mailbox. This will only be possible at the email address connected to the Google my Business account.

screenshot add business hours google my

Adding your business hours is only essential if you have an office, a shop, or a restaurant where people can visit or contact you.

screenshot customize profile add messaging google my

Accepting messages from potential customers at your Google my Business Profile is a very good way to connect with your audience and drive sales. But you should only enable this function if you can commit to managing it consistently.

If you do wish to accept messages, then simply click the button. You can come back and pause or disable this feature at any time.

screenshot add business description google my

Add a business description that will help the people to know what your offer is all about and if it fits their needs. You can write up to 750 characters, so please make sure to use this opportunity and put the most important information in it.

screenshot business photos google my

Adding photos is a fantastic way to help searchers visualize the business and to get a glimpse of the brand. Customers can add their pictures to the listing and some people will choose to do this when leaving you a Google review. Be aware that you won’t have any control over the order in which photos appear on your listing, so it is a good idea to have several of your pics mixed in with the user-generated content.

Optimize Your Google my Business Profile from time to time

Once your listing is good to go it’s time to consider how best to optimize Google My Business Profile to maximize visibility and conversions. Some essential ongoing tasks include:

  • Adding new photos and videos to your local listing
  • Using Google Business Profile Q&A to connect with your clients and answer their questions
  • Creating Google Business Profile Posts to showcase offers and promotions
  • Listing your services, products, or menu items
  • Encouraging your customers to follow you on Google Maps
  • Requesting Google reviews

But now for that what you’ve been waiting for all the time…

Create a mini-website at Google my

screenshot google my business menu website

Once you have your account you can start to build your small website. Just click on WEBSITE in the menu on the right side to get into the dashboard. Once you have clicked it will automatically pull available data from your listing.

screenshot google my business claim url

First of all, go to the top where you can choose and claim your URL at the

screenshot claim change google my

Do yourself the favor and DON’T MAKE THIS YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS ON GOOGLE SEARCH & MAPS by removing the check. Your website or blog URL should stay number one!

screenshot edit website google my

Edit your website by using the panel on the left side of the screen. You can design a small website by choosing a theme, editing the description text, and adding some pictures with the built-in editor.

screenshot publish website google my

If you’re done click the blue Publish button on the top right of the screen. Alternative click on the grey wheel with MORE and publish your website there.

screenshot website published google my

Your is now published and on the World Wide Web! Click VIEW SITE to have a first look at it…

screenshot backlinkguide profile google my

This is my and I love it!

But your free dofollow backlinks are still missing… finally we come to this point!

Create free dofollow backlinks at Google my

screenshot write a post at google my

To create free dofollow backlinks on your Google my Business website you have to post an update. Posts can be accessed through the Google My Business Dashboard from the menu on the left side of the post section.

screenshot write a post create backlinks at google my

Click on ADD UPDATE.

screenshot write a post create free dofollow backlinks at google my

Write your post, it’s more than enough if you only post the link and a picture to get the free dofollow backlink. You also can copy the link into the BUTTON field before you click on PUBLISH.

screenshot preview a post at google my

The post can be previewed before posting and even shown how it looks on search results.

screenshot view a post at google my


It may take several minutes until your post is online, you will have the same delay if you edit an older post. Once your post is live, you can see the number of views and clicks for each post. A maximum of twelve postings with outgoing links is possible. These posts give you the high-quality free dofollow backlinks you’ve been searching for.

Here you can read more about the Google business listings in Google Maps:

Funfact: A few weeks after the successful registration I received a Google Ads coupon for about 400 Euros! Looking forward to using it wisely for an SEM campagne, soon… 😉

Get a free bonus dofollow backlink from DR 97 for Valentine’s Day

Trust me once again, as you know I’m not cheating: You can get a free dofollow backlink from with a simple trick, even if you don’t believe that. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but with this simple referral URL will give you that link, so use it – even if it’s thin content. I can tell you one thing for sure: ahrefs loves it! (Just like the YouTube-Link I’ve already posted before.)

Once again you have to combine this URL with your domain, just like this one:

Here is my link and that is what it looks like in the german language:

screenshot free dofollow backlink

Links like this one can be created from almost every subdomain from every country Google is active. All links may look like these:


I’ve seen websites with hundreds of backlinks from Google, but I think that is too much and only good to gain Domain Ranking or Domain Authority at ahrefs or MOZ very quickly. If you search long enough in relevant forums or use the ahrefs backlink checker very intensively you may find a complete list. If it’s not black hat SEO at least it is grey… so don’t overdose on it.

You must be building links to my heart ’cause I can feel my rankings increase.

You must be building links to my heart ’cause I can feel my rankings increase.


Don’t forget to share your newly created backlinks!

Even if the is a Google product it will not be indexed automatically. Like always you have to share and publish these new links to get them indexed quickly. I’ve already shared these pages on,, and,,,, linktree,,,,, and telegram as shown in the last articles. All other already existing Social Media Channels with outgoing dofollow links will also be helpful. But in my link-building tutorial, I will soon show you a lot more free landing pages and profiles where you can publish them with a lot more link juice. It could take some time to get these links indexed.

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline.
I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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Disclaimer: All the pictures and logos are screenshots from the website of Google my business.the site,,, and

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