In the field of search engine optimization (SEO), link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.


Those who deny backlinks relevancy don't understand SEO

What is a backlink?

A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website (the referrer) to that web resource (the referent). A web resource may be (for example) a website, web page, or web directory. (Source:

To get the full link power (link juice) of the referring website it must be a dofollow link. More about that topic you can find here:

Where can I get good and free DoFollow Backlinks?

Fact is, nobody really shows you where to get good backlinks for free. Even if you use a professional SEO tool like ahrefs, like I do, you have to do the research for yourself. Nobody there gives you a detailed list where to get the really hot shit, but the tool gives you at least a chance to find them. SEObuddy is the only website I’ve seen with some cool hints, but most of them are already well known, nofollow in the meantime or simply totally out of date. And these so-called SEO experts, who professionally design a link building strategy for you, pay dearly for these services.

Of course you can do the research for yourself. I’ve spent a lot of time with that during the corona pandemic, because nobody really books a DJ for a wedding or sends a travel blogger around the world. And I’ve really seen a lot of bad YouTube videos from India or Africa with poor English. Most of this self-proclaimed link building experts makes an simple thing such as getting a link so hard with their senseless bla bla. Also I’ve seen a lot of nonsense and hot air in forums like blackhatworld, where most users are desperately looking for good backlinks and the elite just want to sell their services.

But you don’t really need to buy backlinks for your link building strategy.

So I decided to make it easier for other ones and start this step by step tutorial with a successful link building strategy that brought my own travel blog  from a ahrefs Rank 36 to 71 in December 2021.

A powerful link building strategy for beginners

Follow me on my way to make this brand new SEO blog with focus on link building visible in the search engines, in particularly Google. For this purpose, I will generate backlinks, all approved and high-quality. I will reveal some well hidden SEO secrets and powerful backlinks. Every week I will show you step by step how you can get them too. I will track and document the success of my link building strategy with the Google Search Console and ahrefs.

Of course backlinks are not the only thing that helps you when it comes to search engine optimization, but it is one powerful way to earn some more reputation with high quality links.

Get a freemail address

If you don’t already have one please get a free e-mail account. During all the necessary registrations most of the websites will send you a confirmation mail. You will need an Google account for all the link building, so why don’t you get a free gmail-address? There you can even forward the mails automatically, if you like.

Generate and save your passwords with Google Chrome

Also you will need strong passwords for every single account you register. But please don’t use the same password for every registration, only hackers would love that. So do yourself a favor and use Google Chrome. Inside this browser is a very good password generator, that will automatically store all the logins in your Google account. Here you can download the installation file:

Trust me, that will make generating backlinks much easier.

How to track the results?

From time to time I will take a look into the Google Search Console and ahrefs Site Explorer to see how we do… but right now we start at a ahrefs DR and UR 0 – Zero – nothing – nada! Let’s see how quick we can change that and crack the high score. Please be patient, good SEO takes some time – but it works!

How to get backlinks?

Just keep following my SEO blog! You can do that via RSS-Feed or backlinkguide @ Twitter, more social media channels will follow soon. What surly not will follow is a own YouTube channel or a podcast series – I promise! I present the hard facts in words and pictures.

I love the smell of backlinks in the morning

Don’t panic: I will keep it short and simple, because I prefer it quick and dirty.

How to quick check the link status nofollow / dofollow?

The rules of the link building game can change from one day to another. Yesterday it was a great dofollow backlink, today it is an useless nofollow / UGC backlink. That’s why here is my SEO Pro Tipp for you:

How to check the status of your backlink quick without a long search in the source code of the page?

Simply by using the MANGOOLS SEO extension for your Google Chrome browser. Even in the free version without an account you can easily check the links on a website.

  1. Open the extension on the website you want to check and wait for your drink to get prepared.
  2. Click in ON-PAGE SEO at the top and then on OUTBOUND LINKS in the menu on the left side.
  3. Check EXTERNAL an see what we’ve got. The green DF stands for dofollow – the red NF for nofollow.

Here you can download and install the very helpful tool:

screenshot mangools SEO browser extension

If you already pay for an ahrefs account than install the new ahrefs SEO toolbar: It’s even more exact and tells you also if the backlinks are UGC or sponsored. In this case they are more or less useless for link building.

screenshot ahrefs SEO toolbar browser extension

The secret behind fast and successful link building

The secret behind fast indexing on Google, ahrefs and Co. are many dofollow links from different sites. For this, you not only have to strengthen your own project but above all your social media channels and the new profiles with dofollow backlinks. It works a bit like a cascade. Lots of links from small pages strengthen the larger website. But please be patient, good SEO needs some time…

Preview of the next chapter to come…

Five Social Bookmarking services as first step of your successful link building strategy. First one: Free DoFollow Backlinks from – stay tuned!

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