Good SEO is paying attention to all the details that most bloggers ignore. (Ryan Biddulph)

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This fourth source for good free dofollow backlinks from my link building strategy tutorial is another really professional social bookmark page named Right now it has already a ahrefs DR 73 and will take you some steps further by creating backlinks for SEO. Even this one is a little bit tricky it’s worth the work.

  1. Sign up for free here:
  2. Check the registration form and go on
  3. Skip the browser extension, if you don’t like it
  4. Check your mails for the login and password – you should change the automatic generated password immediately at!
  5. Skip the introduction, if you don’t want it

Screenshot delete widgets social bookmarking

Now your new page is ready to go.

First of all you need to delete all pre-selected widgets to get a blank sheet.

Screenshot add bookmark widget social bookmarking

Now add the bookmark widget – this screen will appear automatically once all the widgets are removed.

Screenshot add bookmark free backlinks

Add your first bookmark, the system will automatically read the title tag and the icon, but you can change it if you like to. Push the button Add and you’ve already created your first dofollow backlink in here. But your site isn’t visible to others right now…

Important settings for

Go to the dashboard in the upper right corner and click ACCOUNT DETAILS ( Here you can manage your profile. Put in some information you’d like to share and add a picture for your personal avatar. Your personal profile page will also give you dofollow backlinks, not only for your WordPress-Blog, but also for some social media channels. To have SEO success you need to give link power to several of these profiles and channels, too!

Screenshot settings

Now change to the tab PAGES (

Screenshot edit settings public link

…and edit SHARE SETTINGS from PRIVATE to PUBLIC LINK. Close the window.

Now your Social Bookmark Page or Personal Start Page is visible for the Google bots and other crawlers in the world wide web.

Customize your page

Screenshot customize page settings edit page

In the settings for the pages you can also click the three buttons on the right side to EDIT PAGE, if you’d like to change the look of the page.

Screenshot customize page layout

Here you can customize your colors and the background for your page, even with an own wallpaper – just hit the plus (+) button for upload.

Import bookmarks from

You can now import the bookmarks you’ve already saved in your account to your brand new account. Just open the menu for add widgets and move to the end of the line to find the link. After the import you may have to move the bookmark widget to the start page, but you don’t have to.

Add your RSS-Feed and Twitter timeline to your new page

Screenshot add rss-widget social bookmarking

Add the RSS-feed of your blog, push the plus (+) and the button done. Normally it is the URL of your blog plus /feed/. In my case it’s It could take some time for the system to read and refresh the data.

You can do the same with your Twitter timeline, just install the widget and put in your channel name under DISPLAY SETTINGS.

Another free widget is for a small ABOUT ME. You can use it if you like, but it is not mandatory.

Share your new backlink

Copy this new, cryptic link – in my case it’s and my profile is here Now you should bookmark it also in your browser, because you will need it every single day you are going to build links.


Schreenshot backlinkguide

Of course you also have to publish this link to get indexed. I’ll share it on this page, on, and as shown in the last articles. Already existing Social Media Channels will also be great. But in this tutorial a lot of websites where you can publish this link will follow.

Personal note: From all the start pages I’ve been testing in the past this one is by far the best and the most appealing site.

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline. I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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Disclaimer: The cool picture in the header is from d3images at under a Creative Commons License. All the other pictures are screenshots from the website

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