The first thing you learn when you’re blogging is that people are one click away from leaving you. So you’ve got to get to the point, you can’t waste people’s time, you’ve got to give them some value for their limited attention span. (Alex Tabarrok)

That’s why I as an SEO Blogger today will show you another great free high-quality dofollow backlink for your successful link-building strategy. is the Blogging-Platform from Google and you can participate from its huge link power with a simple profile – especially when you have a blog that needs good backlinks. Don’t get me wrong: We’re not gonna build one of these lousy with no link power that belongs to this service, we’re gonna get links from the premium domain itself!

It took me a while to get behind the way to get dofollow backlinks from – because nobody told me how it works. And I couldn’t find any helpful information about that on the world wide web. With this how-to-guide, I’ve documented it step by step so other users can know about this well-kept SEO secret. 😉

Screenshot Homepage

Create a free account at

First of all, sign up for free here Go through the whole (Google-)registration, there’s no need to show that one step by step because it’s self-explaining and I don’t know anything about your business.

If you already have a Google Account, just because you already use services like, Google My, or the Google Search Console, you will be logged in automatically. is a part of the big Google Family and that’s why a backlink from here is so precious.

Now go to the MENU on the upper left side, click the Down arrow and select New blog.Screenshot choose name

Enter a name for your blog and click next.

Screenshot choose blog name

Choose a blog address / URL and click next. The name may be not available anymore, so choose whatever fits, or recommends you.

Of course you can use the newly created blog at if you like, but the DomainRank is Zero, and there are a lot of spammers that use the free services of this domain with automatically generated blogs. Therefore it is rated bad and banned from many users. Google also ignores them, as you can see in the screenshot below. So you better forget about that…

google says just ignore backlinks from blogspot-domains

Google’s opinion about the SPAM-blogs from confirm name blogger.comNow confirm your display name and click finish. Your new account at is now created and ready to go.

Screenshot settings

Now go to the left side and click on SETTINGS

Screenshot settings general user profile

…and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under GENERAL you have to activate USE BLOGGER DRAFT and then click on USER PROFILE.

Create free dofollow backlinks at

Screenshot create backlinks edit user profile blogger.comHere you can bring some life to your profile at Upload a profile photo, write some facts about you that will fit the profile, and put it in your HOMEPAGE URL. But this link is only NOFOLLOW, so you don’t need to do that.

The AUDIO URL and the WISHLIST URL however are very good free high-quality dofollow backlinks. Use them, if the wrong anchor text doesn’t bother you, maybe for some of your profiles that need some extra power to get indexed – ahrefs will love it. But that’s not all – here comes the cream topping:

Screenshot create dofollow backlink user profile additional information

Scroll down to the section ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. In the field Introduction you can put in your personal ABOUT ME and use at least ONE outgoing dofollow link with a classic HTML Code: <a href=”https://domain.url/”>my domain</a>. In this code, you can use a fitting anchor text, and that’s very good for your SEO. Click Save Profile to continue…

Please note: Only one outgoing link will work! If you put in more links they all will be converted automatically to nofollow.

Screenshot view updated profile


Screenshot backlinkguide profile

Now you have your profile at with some free high-quality dofollow backlinks, just click on VIEW UPDATED PROFILE to get the whole link of it. In my case it is – but that’s not all!

There will be a copy of that on the subdomain (ahrefs DR 93), take a look here: You just have to replace the “www” with “draft”. Two great backlinks for the price of one…

Learn more about the American online content management system (CMS) at

Don’t forget to share your newly created backlink!

Like always you have to share and publish these new links to get them indexed as fast as possible. I’ve already shared it on this page, on,,,,,,, linktree,,,,,  and telegram as shown in the last articles. All other already existing Social Media Channels with outgoing dofollow links will also be very helpful. But in my link-building tutorial, I will soon show you a lot more free landing pages and profiles where you can publish them with a lot more link juice. This URL could take some time to be indexed at Google and ahrefs.

Check your link building success with the Google Search Console

Don’t forget to check your link-building success from time to time. You can use the Google Search Console to see which domains already give you a fully working backlink if you don’t have a paid tool at ahrefs, XOVI, MOZ, Sistrix, or Searchmetrics. More about that topic here:

And that is the link to the Google Search Console: – get an account, it’s for free! And you need to control your backlinks. In case you wonder: The link list in the Google Search Console will be updated only once a week. So please stay patient… good SEO needs some time!

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline.
I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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