Content is king, but distribution is queen. And she wears the pants. (Jonathan Perelman)

You can write all the stuff you want, but without a little bit of content marketing your fantastic articles and amazing products will get totally lost in world wide web. SEO is the key to success in these times of internet, blogs and websites. Show what you have and earn some reputation from the experts of the content marketing platform named Showcase to the whole wide world what you have and start to distribute your content!

Screenshot Homepage Content Marketing Platform

Create free backlinks on

Screenshot register sign up

First of all sign up for free at

Screenshot email verification

Then verify your email address by clicking the link in the mandatory verification email.

Screenshot application process portfolio

Now we have a lot of questions to answer before we get our own profile page at contently. Please be patient and honest during this long registration process, it’s definitely worth all the work. Let’s get started… but I don’t show you everything I put in there, you can do that on your own, it’s really easy to do. 😉

Create unlimited free backlinks on

Your first free dofollow backlinks at contently you will generate by filling out your contact details and the social media section. You can change that every time later if you need to. By the way: It is also possible to put in whatever you like into the empty fields for your social media channels.

Screenshot application process portfolio projects

A soon as you come to the point PROJECTS you can take the shortcut in the upper left corner by clicking Save and finish later – I want to see my portfolio now.

Screenshot confirm profile information

Confirm your profile and you’ve finally made it!

Screenshot empty portfolio profile backlinkguide

Looks great, but empty. Edit or add projects would be the next step…

Screenshot portfolio projects add your latest work

On your first entry you will get this message. Click add your latest work to do so…

Screenshot portfolio add project

Add your project and click GET DETAILS.

Screenshot add project portfolio

Normally the system will gather all necessary information, but in some cases it doesn’t work. Then you have to fill out all the empty fields and add your whole blog or website as first project.

Screenshot created backlinks

This is how your first entry of your new portfolio at contently looks like. Later on there will be more and you can rearrange them the way you like. Yes, everyone of your links will need that amount of data, but that’s how content marketing works. Otherwise it would be thin content and Google doesn’t like that…

Click VIEW PORTFOLIO in the upper left corner to get back to your profile, which is in my case – of course!

From now on you have to Edit or add projects ( every time you’d like to create a new backlink.

Screenshot add project create backlink portfolio

To create a new backlink click on the blue plus (+) and select IMPORT FROM A SINGLE URL. From now on you have to add every single link from your website or blog as shown above. You also can add pictures to your projects.

Screenshot Portfolio backlinkguide

This is how my first entries look like on your contently profile page. Use the power of this content marketing platform and publish all your relevant links in here! It will take some time, but your website or blog really could need this help.

Screenshot visibillity link

Make sure, that everyone can see your links. This should be automatically set correct, but have a look at the open lock symbol.

Don’t forget to share your new backlink!

Of course you have to share and publish this new link to get it indexed quickly. I’ve already shared it on this page, on,, AllMyFaves.comstart.mediigo.comInstapaper.comlinktree and telegram as shown in the last articles. All other already existing Social Media Channels with outgoing dofollow links will also be helpful. But in the next chapter of my link building tutorial I will soon show you a lot more of free landing pages and profiles where you can publish it with a lot of more linkjuice. Please be patient, as this link is already really high rated it could take some time to be indexed at Google or ahrefs.

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline. I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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