The Expert in anything was once a beginner. (Helen Hayes)

Show the world your expert status and earn good reputation for your website, because TRUST is one of many values Google wants for SEO in 2022. Some of you may already have noticed the ProvenExpert-Banner in the sidebar of my blog and trust me, it’s not for fun – it works! You can also earn five dofollow backlinks for free and these links are getting indexed very fast. All this just because the people from are proven experts in what they do. That’s why they’ve earned a fantastic ahrefs DR 90.

Sign up for free at


  1. Sign up for free here:
  2. Confirm your e-mail
  3. fill out the details and finish the registration

Screenshot register sign up free

Go through the complete registration and put in all the details ProvenExpert needs. At the end of it all you will get a really cool profile like this one: Just go to the upper right corner, open the menu and click my profile (or just view public profile).

Screenshot profile backlinkguide

Everywhere you see a blue pencil on this profile you can edit the details every time you like. Feel free to put in some information into the description, upload some fitting pictures of you and / or your logo – just bring some life in this new profile.

Create free backlinks on

To create five free dofollow backlinks just click the pencil near the section WEBSITES & PROFILES.

Screenshot create five dofollow backlinks

All the links you put into the left side (ADD COMPANY WEBSITES) will be dofollow backlinks. You even can name them with relevant keywords in the field for DISPLAYED TEXT. Hit the blue plus (+) button for every single one and SAVE it.

The links on the right side (ADD PROFILE) will be nofollow, so they are okay for twitter, instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, XING and all the other social media profiles that wont help you with good backlinks. They may bring you some traffic but no real help for SEO.

Get your rating seal from

As already mentioned this rating seal from can give you some good reputation, but you don’t have to install it on your blog or website. The free backlinks will work without it.

Screenshot menu rating seal

If you want to, and I recommend that, just open the menu on the upper left side, go to REPUTATION BOOST and click RATING SEALS.

Screenshot rating-seals

Select the seal you prefer to and scroll down to the bottom of the website to get the HTML Code. (I like the first one, it’s small and shows everything needed.) Of course you’re free to choose a bigger one down below.

Screenshot generate html code rating-seal

Down here you will find some options for your personal rating seal. Feel free to change the dimensons or just take the one that is already shown. Push GENERATE HTML CODE, copy and paste the code into the sidebar or footer of your widget section in your WordPress Dashboard and save it. That’s it!

Screenshot WordPress Widgets install HTML-Code

The sticky PRO SEAL with the GOOGLE STAR RATING (rich snippets) may only work during the 30 days trial phase, I have to test that. But you can also install it, maybe it will already take effect on Google in this short period of time. I will keep an eye for you on that and report it.

Don’t worry about the 30 days premium status. If that trial phase ends you will keep your free account with all the backlinks you’ve created and the banner with the rating seal.

My personal hint: Activate some good friends or colleagues that can give you at least some positive ratings, they even can stay anonym. At the dashboard you can manage your ratings and in your profile you can make them visible for everyone.

Share your new backlink

Of course you also have to publish this link to get it indexed. I’ve already shared it on this page, on, and as shown in the last articles. Already existing Social Media Channels will also be great. But in this tutorial a lot of websites where you can publish this link will follow. In my case the link was very quick indexed by ahrefs.

That is my Christmas gift 2021 for you! I will be out of office for the holidays. Stay safe an healthy!

Please write a comment below if the link doesn’t work as described or is offline. I want to keep this information up to date for every user.

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Disclaimer: All pictures are screenshots from the website and my WordPress-Blog.

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